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St Thomas Interactive Restaurant Guide with Menus

Below is our interactive restaurant list for almost every restaurant on St. Thomas.

Clicking directly on a restaurant's name will open a page with their menu for most but not all restaurants. You can also search for a specific restaurant using the search box below to the right.

Alternately, download a static (and printable) St. Thomas Restaurant Guide now.

Alexander's Bella BluItalian, German774-4349L, DAll MajorYes$$Island ElegantFrenchtown
Amalie CafeSpanish. Tapas714-7373L, DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantTown
Amigos Dockside CantinaMexican775-1270L, DAE, MC, VNo$$DocksideEast End, Red Hook
Aqua TerraGrill776-8500L, DAll MajorNo$$OceansideFrenchman's Reef
Atlantic SeafoodCaribbean774-1533B, L, DMC, VNo$CasualAirport
Banana Tree GrilleMediterranean776-4050DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantTown
Barefoot BuddhaHealthy Food777-3668B, L, DMC, VNo$CasualHavensight
Beni Iguanas Sushi BarSushi777-8744L, DMC, VNo$$$CasualHavensight
Betsey's BarCaribbean/American774-9347L, DMC, VNo$CasualFrenchtown
Big Kahuna Rum ShackSandwiches775-9289L, DMC, VNo$CasualTown
Bistro 4560Bistro774-4560L, DMC, VNo$$CasualMid Island
BleuwaterCaribbean Inspired775-333L, DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantEast End, The Ritz
Blue Orchid at The GreathouseIsland-fusion774-4999DMC, VYes$$Island ElegantNorth Side
Buddha BarSushi714-3474DMC, VYes$$CasualEast End
Bumpa'sSandwiches777-8100B, LNoneNo$CasualTown
Cafe AmiciItalian714-7704LMC, VNo$$CasualTown
Caribbean Fish MarketCaribbean/Seafood714-7874L, DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantEast End
Caribbean Fusion BeachfrontContinental777-8800DAll MajorNo$$CasualAirport
Caribbean SaloonSports Bar Food775-7060L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualEast End, Red Hook
Carigas Island CafeGrill Food779-8935L, DMC, VNo$CasualEast End
China KingChinese714-3399L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualHavensight
Coco Joe'sGrill Food776-8500L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualFrenchman's Reef
Coconuts Bar & GrillBurgers774-0099B, LMC, VNo$CasualTown
Cravin CrabsSeafood715-0670DAll MajorNo$$CasualHavensight
Cruzan Beach ClubPizza714-7874L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualEast End
Cup & CorkSandwichesB, LAll MajorNo$NAMagens Bay area
Cup-N-Kettle TeahousePastries, Sandwiches, Salads998-7405B, LAll MajorNo$CasualEast End
Cuzzin's Restaurant & BarCaribbean777-4711L, DAll MajorYes$$CasualTown
Delly DeckDeli776-9943B, LMC, VNo$$CasualHavensight
Domino's PizzaPizza775-3400L, DMC, VNo$CasualNisky, Tutu
Duffy's Love ShackCaribbean/Seafood779-2080LMC, VNo$$CasualEast End, Red Hook
EnkaiSushi774-6254DMC, VYes$$$Island ElegantFrenchtown
Epernay Bistro & Wine BarBistro774-5348DAll MajorNo$$$Island ElegantFrenchtown
Fat TurtleSeafood, Salads,Pizza714-3566B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualYacht Haven
Fattys (formerly called Fat Boys)Burgers777-4275DAll MajorNo$$CasualEast End, Red Hook
Fish Tails Bar & GrillSeafood714-3188DAll MajorYes$$Casual/ElegantEast End, Red Hook
Frenchtown DeliDeli776-7211B, L, DAll MajorNo$CasualFrenchtown
Gladys' CafeCaribbean774-6604B, LAE, MC, VNo $CasualTown
Grand Cru Restaurant & WineIsland Fusion774-7263L, DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantYacht Haven
Great WallChinese776-3566L, DMC, VNo$$CasualHavensight
GreenhouseSteaks, Seafood774-7998L, DMC, V, DNo$$CasualTown
Havana BlueLatin / Pacific Rim715-BLUEDAll MajorYes$$$Tropical ChicFrenchmans Reef
Havensight CafeCaribbean774-5818N, LNoneNo$CasualHavensight
Hook, Line & SinkerContinental/Seafood776-9708B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualFrenchtown
HootersClassic American693-wingL, DAll MajorNo$$CasualHavensight
Hubbly BubblyMiddle East774-4652B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualHavensight
Hull Bay HideawayBurgers777-1898L, DMC, VNo$CasualNorthside
Ideal RotiCasual Caribbean777-5321L, DCashNo$CasualTown
Iggies Beach Bar & GrilleClassic American693-2600L, DAll MajorNo$$Island CasualBolongo Bay Resort
Island BeachcomberCaribbean, American774-5250B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualAirport
Jen's Island Cafe & DeliCaribbean / NY Deli777-4611L, DAE, MC, VNo$$CasualTown
KFCFast FoodB, L, DAll MajorNo$CasualNisky, Tutu
Kokopelli'sMiddle Eastern715-5280DMC,VNo$CasualMid Island
Lattitude 18Classic American777-4552DMC, VNo$$CasualEast End
Love LivinVegan344-4300LNoneNo$CasualAbove Town, Tutu
Mafolie RestaurantContinental774-2790DMC, VYes$$Great ViewAbove Town
Magens Bay PizzeriaBurgers, Pizza777-6270L, DAll MajorNo$CasualNorthside
McDonaldsFast Food775-4691B, L, DMC, VNo$CasualVarious
Mim's Seafood BistroSeafood775-2081DAE, MC,VNo$$CasualBolongo Bay
Mojo'sBBQ775-6656L, DMC, VNo$$CasualHavensight
Molly MolonesIrish Pub775-1270B, L, DAE, MC, VNo$$DocksideEast End, Red Hook
Natural Livity, Kulcha & Juice BarVegetarian715-1992B, L, DAll MajorNo$CasualTown
Northside BistroSeafood775-5098DAll MajorYes$$CasualNorthside
OceanaIsland Fusion774-4262DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantFrenchtown
Oceanside BistroContinental774-2525DAll MajorNo$$CasualAirport
Off the GridBBQ244-3551L, DAll MajorNo$$Take OutEast End
Paradise Point Bar & RestaurantBurgers, Pizza777-1182L, DAll MajorNo$$Great ViewHavensight
Parrot's Bar & GrillBurgers344-8999B, LNoneNo$CasualTown
Pasta Go GoPasta775-4646B, LNoneNo$CasualTown
Peking Tokyo Asian RestaurantAsian779-7338l, DMC, VNo$$CasualEast End, Red Hook
PesceItalian714-7874L, DAll MajorYes$$Casual/ElegantEast End, Red Hook
Petit Pump RoomCaribbean776-2976B, L, DMC, VNo$$CasualTown
Pita Express DeliverySandwhiches777-4072LMC, V AENo$$NATown
Pizza AmorePizza774-2822L, DMC, VNo$CasualHavensight
Pizza HutPizza774-2291L, DAll MajorNo$CasualTown, Wheatley Ctr
Rancho LatinoLatin774-8909L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualAirport
Randy's BistroBistro/Deli775-5001L, DAll MajorYes$$CasualMid Island
RevelryCaribbean774-7253DAll MajorYes$$CasualEast End, Red Hook
Room With A ViewContinental774-2377L, DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantTown
Roti PlaceRotis- Asstd774-3099Take OutNoneNo$CasualTown
Rum ShandyBurgers, Sandwhiches, Fish Tacos775-7861L, DAll MajorNo$CasualFrenchtown
Sand BarLatin/Pacific Rim715-7263DAll MajorNo$$CasualFrenchman's Reef
Sangria's Beachside BistroMediterranean714-7874L, DAll MajorNo$CasualEast End
Scnitzel HouseGerman776-7198 DAmexNo$$CasualEast End
Senor FrogMexican777-FROGL, DAll MajorNo$$CasualEast End, Red Hook & Havensight
Senor PizzaPizza775-3030L, DMC, V No$Take OutEast End, Red Hook
Sheryl's Diamond DelightCaribbean715-8528B, LMC, VNo$CasualHavensight
Shipwreck TavernSports Bar Food777-1293L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualHavensight
Sibs Mountain Bar & RestaurantBurgers, BBQ774-8967DAll MajorNo$CasualNorthside
Simply ItalianItalian777-2823DMC, VNo$$CasualNorthside
SubwayFast Food774-8160B, L, DAll MajorNo$CasualHavensight, Nisky Ctr
Sunset Bar & GrillCaribbean/American776-8500L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualFrenchman's Bay
Sunset GrilleAmerican/Caribbean714-7874L, DAll MajorNo$CasualEast End
Tavern on the WaterfrontCaribbean/Polish776-4328L, DAll MajorYes$$CasualTown
Texas PitBBQ776-6579DMC, VNo$$Take OutEast End, Red Hook
The CellarContinental/Seafood714-7874L, DMC, VYes$$$Casual/ElegantEast End, Red Hook
The GreenhouseAmerican774-7998B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualTown
The Grille at Mahogany RunSeafood & Steakhouse777-6006L, DAll MajorYes$$Island ElegantNorthside
The Lobster GrilleAmerican/Seafood775-1800B, L, DAE, MC, VRec$$Island ElegantBolongo Bay Resort
The Old Stone FarmhouseContinental777-6277DAll MajorYes$$$Island ElegantNorthside
The PalmsMediterranean777-8800LAll MajorNo$$$CasualAirport
The Pie HolePizza642-5074L, DMC, VNo$CasualFrenchtown
The Tap and StillBurgersNAL, DAll MajorNo$CasualRed Hook
ThirteenInnovative American774-6800DMC, VNo$$$Island ElegantNorthside
Tickles Dockside PubAmerican776-1595B, L, DAll MajorNo$$CasualSub Base
Trenchtown Jamaican Caribbean/Jamaican774-1996L, DMC, VNo$$CasualTown
Victors New HideoutCaribbean776-9379L, DMC, VNo$$CasualSub Base
VirgiliosItalian693-0428L, DMC, VYes$$$Island ElegantTown
Walker's By The SeaCaribbean777-5633DMC, VNo$$CasualAirport
Wendy'sFast Food776-0477B, LNoneNo$NALong Bay
XO BistroBistro 779-2069DMC, VNo$$Casual/ElegantEast End, Red Hook

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